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Perast – Kotor – Budva – St. Stephen.... Sea pearls of the Montenegro coast

Montenegro offers enjoying in spectacular nature, a complete relaxation, rest, great fun, adrenaline breakthroughs and research excitements. With a climate quite similar to Croatian, the Montenegrin coast attracts tourists with its long, sandy and rocky beaches. Although a small country in terms of population counted in thousands, it is abundant in many attractions.

At the point where the Kotor and Risan Bay split up, lies the town of Perast. Although small, it is abundant in numerous buildings such as churches, chapels, palaces ... Near Perast there is the islet of Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks), artificially created by bulwark of rocks, on which there is the church of the same name with a votive Shrine of the Sailors. Perast reflects the eternal conflict between stone and sea, enduring for centuries the strong gusts of waves lifted by the wind. One of the folk customs in Perast is Fašinada, held on July 22nd. It is about finding a picture of Our Lady on the rocks, celebrating thus the beginning of the construction of the islet of Our Lady of the Rocks. Every year on this day the locals take their boats and throw rocks into the sea around the islet. This custom is symbolic, but it has a practical benefit, since the sea takes away the rocks on which the islet was built.

The town of Kotor is surrounded by 4 km long walls with 3 entrances into the town. Within the walls there is the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, who is also the patron of the town. Apart from the Cathedral, in Kotor there are also the Rector's Palace, the building of Napoleon’s theater, Arsenal, the Church of St. Clara with Franciscan monastery, the Česma Karampana (Karampana well), the town tower... At each step of the way you can feel ancient tradition of the town that always warmly welcomed its visitors, hosted them and charmed them with the magic of its entangled narrow streets and squares, old buildings, churches, town walls... Blend of past and present of the old town of Kotor gives it a special charm that makes the visitors keep coming back.

The town of Budva is known as the "metropolis of tourism" in Montenegro because it is the most visited destination in the country. The panorama of Budva Riviera comprises picturesque, in natural beauties abundant towns that give this part of the coast a unique charm. Particularly interesting is the island of St. Stephen with a monastery and 1 km long sandy beach Jaz. The old town of Budva is built on the peninsula that was first an island, but later on merged with the mainland through a sandbank. It is surrounded by thick walls from the 15th century, that later experienced several changes, especially after the earthquake in 1667. In summer, the old town becomes a theater, the stage of numerous events and great fun. The town of Budva also has one traditional event, the International Budva tourist carnival in late April. Tourists from all over the world rush to Budva to experience its nightlife, try the excellent food in the restaurants situated at the waterfront and to swim in the beautiful beaches and in the clear sea. The locals, like really good hosts, try to make all the visitors leave their town only with beautiful impressions.

Excursion itinerary

The recommended departure time is at 08:30. In approximately 45 minutes we reach the Montenegro border crossing, where for the crossing it is required to provide the passport or ID card. The first stop is in the town of Perast, where the clients can take a cup of coffee and go sightseeing. Then we are going to the town of Kotor, only 15 km away. After sightseeing of Kotor, the next planned destination is Budva, approximately half an hour drive away, where we will have lunch and time for swimming. Upon return to the town of Dubrovnik, the panoramic sightseeing of St. Stephen can be arranged, according to the client's wish. The foreseen return to Dubrovnik is around 18:30.  

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