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The place where you really feel closer to the God

This little place is one of most visited tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Religious tourism in Međugorje began developing after the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, occurring for the first time in 1981.  Međugorje managed to retain its original charm of a shrine where the pilgrims really find peace in faith and conversation with God.

At the top of the hill Križevac there is a cross, built in 1933 for the 1900th anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The center of pilgrim gathering is in the Shrine of the Queen of Peace, how Međugorje is officially called.

After visiting Međugorje, many have experienced their own miracle healing or life changes. They say that the moment you step onto the soil of Međugorje you will feel an attraction to this place, the positive energy that the whole area, its inhabitants and visitors radiate with. Upon returning home, you will feel as if you really were a step closer to God.

Excursion itinerary

The recommended departure time is at 08:30. In approximately 1,15 minutes we reach the border crossing of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where for the crossing it is required to provide the passport or ID card. A short 20-minutes coffee break is foreseen in the town of Neum, approx. 1 hour after departure. The journey from Neum to Međugorje lasts around 2 hours. Upon arrival to Međugorje, you will have free time for sightseeing. We recommend visiting the Ethno village Herceg at 14:00, where we will have lunch. After lunch we will go back to the town of Dubrovnik, where we will arrive around 18:30.

- Duration: 08:30 – 18:30
- Lunch: menu from 20,00 – 40,00 EUR
- Professional guide: 60,00 EUR
- Travel documents obligatory
- Currency EUR and Convertible Mark

* The excursions schedule listed in the itinerary may vary according to the duration of border control of the passengers

* The itinerary of all the excursions is recommended by Sweet Travel, The same can be changed only in accordance with a prior agreement with the sales person

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