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The town where you will find a blend of several cultures

The town of Sarajevo, as the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, represents its largest urban, cultural, economic and transportation center. At very mention of its name, our first thoughts are usually Baščaršija, Ilidža, Ferhadija, bridges over the river Miljacka... For more than four hundred years men have built mosques and synagogues, Orthodox and Roman-Catholic churches and they still exist side by side. Sarajevo is a town-proof that people of different ethnicities and religions can live side by side, raising the town and building their community style. The centennial spirit of time can be felt in downtown, with each stone and monument reminding us of the same. Indeed, a walk through the narrow alleys of Baščaršija makes you feel like you went back one century. But the greatest warmth of the town radiates from its residents who are, above all, great hosts, always willing to help. Small piterije (type of pie shops), burekdžinice (burek shops), aščinice(traditional Bosnian restaurants), shops with traditional Bosnian items, patisseries with windows full of cakes hypnotizing the people passing by with its aroma... the unforgettable scenes that give this town a warmth even in the coldest months of the year when it is covered with snow.

Excursion itinerary

The recommended departure time is at 07:00. The recommended coffee break is at 09:30h, but it can also be arranged otherwise according to the client's wishes and in agreement with the driver. The foreseen arrival to Sarajevo is around 10:30, where we will go sightseeing and have lunch. The foreseen departure for the town of Dubrovnik is recommended for 15:00. During the drive it is possible to make another coffee break in agreement with the driver, usually around 16:30.

- Duration: 07:00 – 20:00
- Lunch: menu from 20,00 – 40,00 EUR
- Professional guide: 100,00 EUR
- Travel documents obligatory
- Currency EUR and Convertible Mark

* The excursions schedule listed in the itinerary may vary according to the duration of border control of the passengers

* The itinerary of all the excursions is recommended by Sweet Travel, The same can be changed only in accordance with a prior agreement with the sales person

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