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Zagreb region

Nobody can deny that the Adriatic Sea and the towns stretching along its coast have a certain irresistible charm, thanks to which their visitors are numerous. But the mountain and continental parts of Croatia are also full of natural beauties, national parks, impressive and mystical castles of old noble family from the Croatian history. During many years, Mother Nature shaped with its strength true small wonders in these parts of Croatia, but in the nearby Slovenia too. Although a small country in terms of surface, its beauties are great and they will charm every visitor.

Sweet travel offers you 6 luxury trips during which you can learn about the hidden corners and living culture of the continental areas. Additional benefits of excursions that we offer are that the client himself defines the pace of the excursion. The uniformed driver is also the guide who will ensure that the client is shown and explained the cultural and natural sights of the visited destination. Use your time in the best possible way and select one of the excursions from our offer.


History of the human race in Croatia

At the very mention of the town of Krapina, our first association is the first association Krapina Neanderthal and the remains of his life in this area as a reminder of history of the human race. One ...

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Varaždin and the Trakošćan castle

Varaždin – the town shaped by the divine dance of Baroque and „Late Baroque“

What makes Varaždin different from other towns is its exquisite monument and artistic heritage with the most preserved and richest Baroque urban complex. The town was built in various styles, so ...

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Plitvice lakes

Water fairies from the depths of the lake

Plitvice lakes are the largest, oldest and most visited Croatian national park. In Plitvice lakes, each season tells its story with colors, sounds, the sound of waterfalls, trees, fragrances, ...

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The town of youth

The town of Ljubljana is the largest town and capital of Slovenia. As soon as you come to Ljubljana, you will see what a modern European metropolis is. The average age of the population is 30, so it ...

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Postojna Cave

Discover the mysteries of the underground beauties of Mother Nature

The Postojna Cave is one of the most famous karst monuments in the world. As you are going down into its center by a special train, on the arches above you will notice the stalactites looking like ...

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Glacier lake from a fantasy

Slovenians are very proud of the town of Bled and its surroundings, and how wouldn’t they be since such a unique nature is rarely seen, especially in this part of Europe. Bled is a picturesque town ...

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